Welcome to Q2 Global Virtual Airlines

Operational in the world of flight simulation
Economics by 'Virtual Airline Financial Systems'

Q2 Global Virtual Airlines

Is a virtual company in the world of flight simulation operational by'VAFS5', a virtual system that supports our company with many economic and administrative features.

Global Airlines

Q2 Global is a worldwide virtual airline simulating real life inspired flights on PC with FS9, FSX(SE), P3D and Xplane flightsimulator softare.
We are operational worldwide with hubs on any continent.

Wide Ranging

We operate any flights: passengers, cargo, business, small logistics & reacreative flying.
We operate a wide range of different types of aircrafts from General Aviation to Jumbo Jets.

Home Bases & Hubs

Our homebase is Brussels/Belgium (BRU) but we intend to open any hub where needed (read crowded)

Realism & Detail

Q2 Global is managed by two experienced flightsimmers with focus on detail & realism.

Economics & Administrations

No longer only flying for flight hours and nautical miles. But take together with your virtual airline colleagues the opportunity to keep the company his digits in the black. At the same time you collect on a competitive manner a carreer inclusive a virtual salary and rankings next to your airline colleagues.
To archive this extra motivation is Q2 Global va operational by the economic & administrative system VAFS5 created by 'Virtual Airline Financial Systems'.
Visit the VAFS5 website to discover all the features this economic and administrative va-addon include.


Below some actual statuses we had on 21 April 2018.


VA Ranking


VA Pilots


VA Routes


VA Aircrafts


Total Flights


Total Hours

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Don't hesitate to contact us for more details, recruitments or suggestions.

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